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Qigong DVD



In China, Qigong is a healthcare system. People from all over the world practice this ancient art for healing, maintaining their health, and connecting to their Spirit for inner peace.

The Chinese define the word "healing" as the ability to bring balance and harmony for the person, thereby allowing the body to heal itself.

A regular practice of Qigong can bring balance, a sense of peace, healing and JOY to your life. One of the wonderful gifts of Qigong is just how easy it is. Anyone at any age can do Gigong and receive healing benefits.

Digital Download

Download the files to your PC or Device

Physical DVD

Have a DVD mailed to you. Price includes shipping within North America.



In this DVD

  • Full 35 minute Qigong Practice

  • Short 15 minute Qigong Practice

  • Introduction to Qigong

  • Customer Testimonials

  • Interview with Qigong teacher Barbara Evans-Levine

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